12 Jan 2016





  • Yes. In Polish law bears record that possessing driving license cat. B you can use vehicles with a capacity of 125cm3.

  • To rent a vehicle you have to provide your ID card, we will do a copy, and have a credit / debit card that we will charge the costs of the deposit. If you do not have a credit / debit card, you have to leave us the equivalent of a deposit in cash. With rental vehicles over 50cm3 we also require a driving license.

  • In the cost of renting we provide the lock of the vehicle, helmet (if you do not already have one) and help if will be there unexpected problems with the vehicle.

  • Riding a scooter is different than cycling. You can cause an accident or become the victim. Keep in mind that if you find that you are not able to drive the vehicle, you will be forced to cancel the booking and you will be charged a partial cost of renting.

  • You can use all the parking spaces in the city, what’s more, parking for two-wheelers is always free. We recommend parking in lighted and safe places. Please also remember to lock the vehicle when you leave it in the parking.

  • Yes. You get a vehicle with a full tank and you are obliged to return it in the same condition. Any discrepancies in the amount of gasoline, before and after the rental will be billed by our internal pricelist: 5zł per liter (5zł/l) + 10zł for the refueling service.

  • For safety reasons, we do not recommend traveling with children.

  • Receiving reserved vehicle is possible only at our headquarters in Galeria Kazimierz (shopping mall, historic part, ul. Podgórska 34). Remember to have all the documents necessary to sign a rental agreement.

  • Return of vehicles is only possible in our office at Galeria Kazimierz (shopping mall, historic part, ul. Podgórska 34). Remember you must return the vehicle with a full tank, otherwise the difference will be charged according our internal pricelist.

  • Renting a vehicle, you are required to pay any fines that you will receive during the rental period. In a situation when we will receive the mandate by mail, your personal data will be reported to the police, who will send it to your address.

  • Of course! Especially for the convenience of our customers we have the possibility to book online. Just select the vehicle, fill the number of days by which you want to rent a vehicle and use credit card or online payment supported by most Polish banks.

  • Booking in advance has several advantages. First of all, you are sure that your chosen vehicle is available for rent. At the moment we have a limited range of vehicles, so it may happen that by coming personally to our point, all vehicles will be booked already. We also have many promotions that are valid for booking in advance.

  • Cancellation is possible up to 7 days before the date of pick up the rented vehicle. In this situation, the amount paid for the rental will be entirely refunded to your account.

  • Yes. Regulations applicable in the EU require to ride with a helmet. This applies to the driver and passenger. One helmet is in the rental price for each vehicle. Helmet for the passenger is paid separately.

  • Of course! While at rush hour in many places of the city create traffic jams, scooter / motorcycle is a vehicle, which significantly shortens the driving time from point A to point B. Also notice that users of two-wheelers are exempt from parking fees.

  • To avoid bad weather just only need suitable jacket and trousers, which we can make available for a additional fee.